Messaging Overview

People want to eat healthier.

It makes sense for healthier foods and drinks to be available at public parks, recreation centers, libraries, and other state and city buildings. Increased choices are good for employees and visitors, including the millions of children who visit these places every year. It’s time to Restock Our Future™.

Primary Messages

Consumer demand

As many people try to eat healthier, demand for healthier food and beverage options is increasing.

Effects on children

Efforts to provide healthier options will not only benefit adults but also help parents make healthier choices for their children. Millions of children visit public parks, recreation centers, or libraries each year, and healthy choices often don’t exist.

Benefits to public health

What we eat and drink impacts our health, but we tend to eat what is easily available. Ensuring that nutritious foods and beverages are available in public places allows children and families to choose healthy options, decreasing their risk for heart disease and diabetes.

This effort is about ensuring that healthier foods and beverages are available in public parks, recreation centers, libraries, and other state and city buildings. This small change can lead to better health and can help save money for all of us.

Follow-Up Messages

Disease prevention

States and localities spend money on nutrition education and other disease prevention programs. By offering healthier foods and beverages for children and families, they can help prevent diseases and save money in the long run.

Other industries are doing it

Restaurants, supermarkets, and many other businesses are listening to their customers and making healthier foods and beverages more available. States and localities should do the same.

Choices are limited now for visitors

Right now, there are few or no healthy food and beverage options available in many public buildings and facilities. But the market shows demand for healthier options is increasing. Children and families who visit and work in public places should have healthier choices.

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